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Critter News for June 5, 2008

Hi guys! It's Loki and you're watching Critter News for Thursday, June 05, 2008. Later in this episode we'll talk about a model search in Hawaii and a new national bird for Israel, and we'll also tell you why you need to keep your vet's medications out of your primate's reach, but first,

$24 million dollars has been set aside for compensation in the Pet Food Litigation case. It has received preliminary approval in New Jersey and Canadian courts are expected to approve the settlement by the end of June. If it is judged fair to the class, any pet owner who has lost money as a result will be eligible for compensation. The settlement covers all veterinary bills related to the case, including bills covering testing even if the pets turned out not to be affected. Receipts are not required but will help pet owners get the most compensation possible. Moist products by Menu Foods, Walmart, Eukanuba and others were affected by the fraudulent introduction of melamine into wheat gluten imported from China during the winter of 2007. The poison caused kidney problems and failure in thousands of pets.

Aloha! Make your pet a star in Hawaii! Hawaii Pet Magazine is looking fur their next cover model. All pets living in Hawaii are invited to submit photos, regardless of species. The winner will be featured in their July and August issue. Deadline is June 7 and online voting begins June 9th.

Pets are warned to hide their medication or make sure it is in human-proof containers and stored out of reach after an Iowa man took phenobarbitol prescribed for Saturn, his Jack Russel Terrier. Clarence Fenton of Des Moines crashed his SUV last November under the influence of the drug and was in court May 29th for driving while intoxicated. He claims he doesn't remember taking the pills. Veterinarians usually prescribe phenobarbitol for canine epilepsy.

The Hoopoe is now officially the national bird of Israel. President Shimon Peres made the announcement Thursday after a nationwide election held by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Over 150,000 people voted and the hoopoe won with 35% of the vote against several other contenters. While the Hoopoe figures prominently in both Jewish and Islamic culture, primarily associated with King Solomon, it is not Kosher.

**********SPOILERS: Answers to True or Tail follow *************************

And now it's time for True or Tail Trivia. This week's subject, National Birds.

Benjamin Franklin suggested an animal other than the bald eagle for the national symbol of the United States.

Was it the turkey, the rattlesnake or the horse?

Contrary to popular belief, it was not the turkey. Franklin actually suggested the rattlesnake, an animal that had appeared on some Revolutionary war flags. The widely known story about the turkey comes from a tongue-in-cheek letter written to his daughter in which he pokes fun at a badly-drawn eagle.

Which of these countries does not have an official national bird? Italy, the Republic of Ireland or South Korea.

All of them. South Korea often is associated with the Korean Magpie, but it is not official.

The National bird of New Zealand, the kiwi, is most closely related to: the emu, the loon, the dodo.

The Emu. The kiwi is the smallest member of the ratite family.

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