Saturday, June 28, 2008

Critter News June 25, 2008

Hi guys, it's Loki! And you're watching Critter News for June 25, 2008.

Later in this broadcast, a game show is looking for cat-testants and mussels are growing in Ohio,and Chinese Crested Trivia on True or Tail

But first:

Tails of Rescue

In California yet another Chinese Crested has won the increasingly popular Sonoma-Marin annual World's Ugliest Dog contest. Gus, a pedigreed dog rescued from a life in a crate by a Florida mother and daughter, competed against 12 finalists from around the US. Gus won purely based on his looks, having lost one eye and leg in addition to having the unconventional semi-hairless appearance typical of the Chinese Crested breed.

Gus is currently being treated for skin cancer and his primates are putting the $1600 prize toward radiation treatments.

World Watch

Mussels are growing in Ohio. 1,700 endangered northern riffleshell mussels from Pennsylvania are being electronically tagged and released into Big Darby Creek. The mussels live in less than 5% of their former range, much of their natural habitat having been destroyed by dams and reservoirs and many remaining mussels being suffocated by silt from strip mining, logging and farming operations.

Monitoring is being paid for by a federal grant.

CNC Entertainment

Attention kitties! Ever wanted to be on a game or reality show like your primates? Now you can!

Meow Mix is holding auditions for cat and human teams for their "Think Like a Cat" game show. Cats will be tested on camera-friendliness, presumably after a long trip in a cat carrier. Humans will be tested on how much they think like their cats. Upcoming audition areas include Tampa, Dallas, Denver, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Think like a cat will air on the Game Show Network on November 15.


And now it's time for true or tail, Chinese Crested Trivia! Which statement is false?

The same litter can produce the Chinese Crested Hairless and the Chinese Crested Powderpuff.

The Chinese Crested Hairless is related to the Chihuahua.

The Chinese Crested known as "Sam" was so popular his death made CNN.

********* *********

The second statement is false. Although both breeds have no hair, they are not related. Hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds often appear in the same litter, and Sam, who survived being branded "unadoptable" to win the contest several times, did have his death reported on CNN. Sam and Suzie's story is credited with inspiring others to adopt unadoptable animals.