Friday, November 28, 2008

Free Sunday Comic: Merry Crispmouse

Originally uploaded by orangecatblues
Heer iz the free one. Enjoys!

Noo at Zazzle: Merry Crispmouse!

OK, I know iz early, not Sunday OR Crispmouse yet. But mai last post wuz depressing so I wants to put up mai cartoon.

Or since I can'ts imagine anyone buts mai primate wants to wear this, you can gets one free to share at Flickr. I post it soon.

Friday News: Ditch Tiger Hunting

This blog post is not fur kids or sensitive aminals and adults. Skip it if you don't wants to be sad.

Srsly. Also I iz being uncharacteristically political today.

(EDIT DEC 1: Droopy, who disappeared after gunfire the day before this post, is back! She was living in the woods by a neighbor's house. Mayday has been gone 3 weeks. It's been our experience we probably won't see her again.)

It's hunting season in South Dakota. Hoomans can get a license to hunt deer and pheasant and cats here. This iz why I learned to walk on a leash.

They iz supposed to hunt only feral cats to control their population. The problem iz that it is legal to hunt from a car or truck, as long as it is somewhat away from a residence. In the city, feral cats usually live near dumpsterz, and dumpsterz iz too close to residences to hunt there, but in the country feral cats rarely follow the roads because they iz scared of hoomans and cars. So what they end up hunting iz "ditch tigers".

Farms and ranches have to have cats working fur them to control the inevitable rodent population attracted to their produce or feed. Queen cats teach their kittens frum the first day which sounds and smells are dangerous, then they teach them hao to hunt. There iz no better mouse trap on the planet than a cat. Farmers try to keep kittens around that are fast, smart, short-haired and dark or orange furred, who aren't allergic to tick treatments and who have no other genetic traits that will make them targets fur predators. They need to be friendly enough to be handled fur vaccinations and sumtimez to get Afrin fur respiratory infections. Tom cat spray helps warn predators away from litters of kittens. It's a delicate balance and a hard life fur a cat but far from hao hard a life feral cats have.

Most farmers consider it cruel to take a shelter cat and drop it off outside with no experience. It's like dropping off a 4-year-old hooman child in the middle of a city where they don't speak the language. Without a coat or money. So they breed their own cat staff.

Without cats on a farm, sometimes feral cats will domesticate themselves, but more often skunks move in. That only has to happen once before you make sure you get some cats from another farm. Srsly.

On to mai point. Many of the people hunting cats come in from out of state and shoot ditch tigers because they think it's funny. The problem iz that ditch tigerz are usually farm cats. (I would like to point out that most hunters from South Dakota seem to think hunting cats is either not very sporting or completely abhorrent. This iz an agricultural area and no one likes to lose a good cat even if they don't view us as pets.)

They are not allowed to shoot cats with collars, but collars attract the attention of hawks, owls, foxes and coyotes. Farmers have to decide whether their cats have moar to fear from the wilderness or man.

So anyway, there has been no sign of foxes or hawks here lately, but there has been lots of gunshots and we is not far from the city (relatively) and only 3 miles from a paved road and Mayday and Droopy, both fond of hunting in the ditches where the ground squirrels live, are missing since we heard the shots. And it's November. It is possible they are gone fur good. Lazarus's father wuz shot in the face last year but he survived. Somehao.

Writing letterz to the South Dakota government may be the first thing you think of, but it's not the best idea. They don't have a viable alternative fur cat hunting licenses right nao. What they will want befoar they consider removing the cat hunting option is an alternative that works.

The best thing in mai opinion is to help The Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs develop their contraceptive shot.

This will allow inexpensive Catch-Neuter-Release near the dumpsterz in the towns and cities where population control is most needed while allowing farmerz to keep their feline workers safe while they are doing their jobs. I purrsonally believe non-surgical sterilization is the future of pet population control and hope to see it purrfected in mai lifetime. It would save so many kitties and puppies from starvation and euthanasia in shelterz and in feral colonies.

I also believe legislators in South Dakota and other places with population control problemz will listen when this alternative is presented. It is a clean, elegant and inarguable solution for all concerned.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday WOW: Earz and Mouths

Wurds of Wizdom frum Loki:

Hoomanz iz designed wif one mouth and two earz.

You would thinks they would listen twice az much az they talks.

It would solve most uv their problemz.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Mission: Hot Buttons

Introducing Loki's Monday MissionsI dids the last one a few times, acshully. Mai primate noticed that it made hur ask moar questions about what other hoomans did outside uv work fur their life's wurk.

This week, Hooman Holidays iz coming. Nao would be a good time to do this mission:

Think uv 5 questions or topics or people that grate on your nervez when they come up at the holiday table or at wurk or in public sumplace. Nao come up with

1. a good humored response that addresses your opinion on the topic quickly and
2. a related but neutral topic you can use to naturally change the subject to something lightur.

Could be a hard mission but also could be useful in many situations in the future.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I iz on a wurking vacashun!

I iz taking a little vacashun while I helps mai primate. I might pop in to Twitter but mostly I will be away frum the internets almost 2 weeks. I iz helping hur get hur todo list catched up.

Part uv it iz done already wif helping me redo mai website and wif setting up the Twitter prizes, but nao iz time I help hur. Plus there iz a promise of treatses.

(I don't want anyone to thinks I iz ignoring them or forgetting I has a blog! Or they has a blog!)

CU later!
<3 Loki

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Verse Day: Chew Toy

I haz a toy that haz twelve eyez
But does not has an ear.
I likes 2 play wif its 2 tails
whenevar it iz heer.

Hiz name iz Chew because I thinks
hiz flavur's good 2 eet--
and when mai hooman goes outside
she wearz Chews on hur feet.

I has an Award!

I gots an award from Forever Foster! Here it iz!

It came with a guide for passing it on:

This lovely award is created by Crystal @ Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of his sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES us to SHARE THE LOVE! The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with them because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you. Please include this paragraph with the link to Memoirs of a Mommy so that everyone knows where this award originated from.

I iz glad I makes Fui and Suey's days happier. Iz neat! I see Lukemeows already haz the award but I also wants to pass it on to:

The kittehs at Paws and Effect who do great wurks helping with kitteh advice.

Lian Xin fur being generally cool. She iz a painting Chihuahua wif a gentle soul.

and Kittyanydots who iz a noo friend who helps aminals at Etsy.

Oh! and iTrixie, who doesn't has a blog yet but just gots her woofsite running.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday WOW

Loki's Words of Wisdom fur the Week:

Don't confuse UR Life's Wurk wif the place where UR employed, K? Srsly.

Translated into English fur mai hooman friends who speak the international language uv commerce:

Don't confuse your Life's Work with the place where you are employed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday LOL: Dino-mite!

Clicky Piccy to rate if U wants. Kthnxbai!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Here iz codez:

<a href='' ><img src='' alt='funny pictures' /></a><br />moar <a href=''>funny pictures</a>

Monday, November 17, 2008

Loki's Monday Mission: Shut Mai Mouth!

Spend 5 minutes in a conversation without using these words:

(fur you LOL cats)
or Mine.

Let me know if you dooz it. And if anything interesting happens. Try going longurz if you can dooz it without sounding like a wierdo.

Don't worry if you can'ts do it right away. You has all week.

Introducing Loki's Monday Missions

Monday Musing, no, wait--- Mission!

I has just had an epiphany, just a minute ago, just befoar my "Monday Musing" blog post that I scheduled in advance wuz abouts to post itself.

Sumthing about "Monday Musing" seemed too similar to "Wednesday WOW" fur mai taste, then it hits me, "Monday Mission".

I can puts up sum mission fur the week startings on every Monday Morning, sumthing I wants to work on myself, so anyone who wants to join in and try sum social experiments to make the world a better place can try it wif me and post their results. The way it iz in mai head nao, some missions will repeat all week, sum will be just until I find the answer. Or you, if you iz doing it, too.

If you tend your own garden instead uv worrying about your neighbor'z garden your neighborhood will fix itself. Then your community will. Then your country will. Then the world. Sumtimes all it takes fur your neighbor to start weeding iz to see you iz growing flowerz.

Iz OK to right-click the picture and repost it if you wants to try it, too. Iz ok fur any species to try it.

(I iz EXCITED abouts this. SO excited I dunno whats to do for the mission! Um... Umm... Let me gets back to you.)

Copy and paste this code if you iz really serious:

<a href=""><img alt="Introducing Loki's Monday Missions" src="" border="0"></a>

(I don't expects this, iz just here if you wants it.)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loki "Toilet Trouble" Bathroom Print

I actually did make this to hang in mai bathroom. I've started using the transparency feature of PNG files to make mai comics customizable. All the blue parts on this one can be changed to any other color.

I picked red to match mai towelz.

Ensign Spacecat LOL Poster

Sunday Comics: Toilet Trouble

Toilet Trouble

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fargate Trekwars: Luna the Geek creates a Wormhole Device

Oh My Dog! I can't believe I never posted this on mai blog!

Caturday On Hoomans: Do Hoomans Live too Long fur their Own Good?

Awhile ago I used to put videos on You Tube a lot. But that place earns their monies by comment count and controversy. I'z not interested in controversy, nor in helping a company earn monies when they earn monies by silently promoting hate and abuse and copyright theft until they get caught.

I switched to Livevideo and Catster for mai videos. The thing about Livevideo and Catster is they rely moar on sponsorships than on controversy so they have no need to support hate and abuse and theft. Sure, there are purrsonality conflicts. There are always purrsonality conflicts in any group. Even groups of two. But the thing is for some reason at Catster and Livevideo flaming is the exception, not the rule like it is at You Tube.

I think it's because justice is swift. Accused trolls at Livevideo get locked. If they can explain themselves, like if they have been unjustly accused, they get their accounts back. If not, their existence is completely wiped out. I mean, all comments are erased as if they never existed. Iz the only time trolls think they iz wasting their time so I thinks they mostly give up and slink back to You Tube.

Nao, I don't want you to think stoopid comments at You Tube hurt my feelings. They almost never had anything to say about me, and even if they did, they are weirdos on the internets. Who carez what they think?

Turns out, lots of hoomans do. I don't get it. In mai comments the hoomans all argue wif each other. Some of them iz stoopid, but some of them iz smart, too. The thing that botherz me is it takes the smart ones so much time to do it. It's the idea that so many hoomans are wasting their time that offends me.

Lots of them have the potential and purrsonalities to affect real change someplace if they would use their righteous indignation someplace where it's needed. There iz still hooman slavery going on. There iz still genocide going on. There iz still toxic chemicals poisoning the future. There iz still kids who don't get enough food. There iz still corporations wif moar rights than people. There iz still aminals being hurt for fun, and there iz still hoomans who need someone to make them laugh today.

I talks directly to the hoomans nao: Please, as a cat I don't beg much, excepts fur chickawn, but I am begging you hoomans to use your spare time and energy to be a part of something important. I dunno why so many of your species waste your time this way. Iz it because you live so long? Cuz I can tell you, I only have twenty years, maybe, I never waste a chance to nap or play or cuddle or make a hooman smile. I iz not saying I'm better than you but maybe you didn't see this opportunity so you iz wasting time on the internets arguing with hoomans who don't have your potential. You could be fixing something real and broken. Nothing gets fixed just by arguing on the internets. It just gets moar broken.

Anyhoo, on their deathbedz no one ever sayz they wish they spent moar time arguing on the internets. I'm sure of it.

(This video iz not fur kids. It has bad language!)

I haz a poll about hao to deal with comments at You Tube on mai website in the lower left if you iz interested.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Verse-day: Little Miss Luna

Here iz a poem I wrotes abouts mai sistur.

Little Miss Luna
Wuz eating sum toona,
Watchin TV 1 day.
Along came a spidur.
He sat down beside hur.
So she ate him and
Threw him up on the carpet.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whale Wars review (Animal Planet)

As some of you know, I've been exchanging text messages and announcing updates at Twitter. I started following Animal Planet there and won an advance copy of the pilot episode of Whale Wars. This is a Critter News Review.

I was really looking forward to this series since mai primate showed me an episode of Carl Sagan's interstitial science classic, Cosmos, and I learned that whales had a worldwide communication network thousands of years before we cats domesticated ourselves in Egypt. Too bad the engines of most ships are on a frequency that drowns it out. The whale history of long-distance communication makes my little vlog look way lame. But I digress.

The 7-part series filmed over three months in 2007 and 2008 documents the nearly annual campaign of Captain Paul Watson and the crew of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's ship the Steve Irwin as they battle Japanese whale hunters off the coast of Antarctica. The laws in international waters are applied inconsistently by different countries. Japanese whaling ships claim to be hunting in the name of research, even prominently displaying the English word "research" on the sides of their ships. Sea Shepherd contends that the Japanese research vessels are a cover for commercial whaling.

This is not the kind of show you'll be interested in if you view animal rights activists as eco-terrorists. Sea Shepherd was founded by a guy who was kicked out of Greenpeace for being too radical.

In the premiere episode, the crew of the Steve Irwin is almost entirely comprised of newbie volunteers whose first major battle is with seasickness. Once they get their sea legs they go through a series of training exercises in how to throw Sea Shepherd's weapon of choice, the stink bomb, and get a crash course, literally, in freezing water rescue when a training accident goes terribly wrong, sending a few members of the crew overboard and damaging the helicopter they use for reconnaissance, effectively blinding them to the whereabouts of the Japanese fleet.

After 41 days at sea and a few nasty phone exchanges with a rival Greenpeace ship, they receive an anonymous tip that leads them to one of the harpoon ships. The episode starts and ends with a teaser promising hostages and gunshots.

While coverage of controversial subject matter like Whale Wars can easily slip into dry appeals for fundraising or a washed-out overview with little substance, after watching the first episode, this series has been well-presented, as we've come to expect from Animal Planet.

It is:

Educational, but prolly not good for very young children because there are some graphic images of whale slaughter and bleeped swears. If the subject matter is something you want your kids to learn about you should prolly watch it before they do.

Entertaining: The animation wasn't done yet so I can't comment on that, but the crew are a varied group each with their own opinions and they make for good drama with a few chuckles.

Non-preachy, although clearly one-sided because of the nature of filming it doesn't come off as a fundraising attempt.

and as for our wild-paw rating, I didn't want to get up to use the litterbox or get a snack, so one more paw for exciting. I was on the edge of my tower. Thats a purrfect 4-paw rating from Critter News for adults, 3-paws for kids because it gets a little bloody. This is the kind of reality TV I like. Humans actually doing something.

Whale Wars premieres Friday night, November 7th, at 9PM Eastern and Pacific on Animal Planet.

Animal Planet Whale Wars site
Watch video at Animal Planet.
For more on Sea Shepherd, visit their website.

KillR Whale Kitteh!

Loki wonders about the First Puppy, gives some shoutouts, and talks about an upcoming review of an advance copy of Whale Wars from Animal Planet. Also, bonus footage at the end of kitten cuteness: Laz dressed as a Killer Whale attacking a baby harp seal toy. The toy was unharmed.

Animal Planet on Twitter
No Humans Allowed
Dahliapkitten at Twitter
Paws and Effect

Monday, November 3, 2008

Comic: A Day at the Market

A Day at the Market

This first appeared (in greyscale, which seems moar artistic somehow) in Young American Comic's Big Ol' Book of BIZMAR. Contestants had to include a bunny, insect,zombie, monkey, alien and robot in a 2-4 page comic. It is still available here!

Oh, and US citizens, don't furget to vote! Visit your Secretary of State's website to make sure there isn't a problem with your registration and to confirm your polling place if you haven't voted already. November 4th is the last day to vote no matter where you live or what party you belong to so be sure to request a provisional ballot if there is a problem with your registration. Your greatgrandkittens are going to want a story from this election so make sure you get to the polls and don't disappoint them.