Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Musing, no, wait--- Mission!

I has just had an epiphany, just a minute ago, just befoar my "Monday Musing" blog post that I scheduled in advance wuz abouts to post itself.

Sumthing about "Monday Musing" seemed too similar to "Wednesday WOW" fur mai taste, then it hits me, "Monday Mission".

I can puts up sum mission fur the week startings on every Monday Morning, sumthing I wants to work on myself, so anyone who wants to join in and try sum social experiments to make the world a better place can try it wif me and post their results. The way it iz in mai head nao, some missions will repeat all week, sum will be just until I find the answer. Or you, if you iz doing it, too.

If you tend your own garden instead uv worrying about your neighbor'z garden your neighborhood will fix itself. Then your community will. Then your country will. Then the world. Sumtimes all it takes fur your neighbor to start weeding iz to see you iz growing flowerz.

Iz OK to right-click the picture and repost it if you wants to try it, too. Iz ok fur any species to try it.

(I iz EXCITED abouts this. SO excited I dunno whats to do for the mission! Um... Umm... Let me gets back to you.)

Copy and paste this code if you iz really serious:

<a href=""><img alt="Introducing Loki's Monday Missions" src="" border="0"></a>

(I don't expects this, iz just here if you wants it.)