Saturday, November 15, 2008

Caturday On Hoomans: Do Hoomans Live too Long fur their Own Good?

Awhile ago I used to put videos on You Tube a lot. But that place earns their monies by comment count and controversy. I'z not interested in controversy, nor in helping a company earn monies when they earn monies by silently promoting hate and abuse and copyright theft until they get caught.

I switched to Livevideo and Catster for mai videos. The thing about Livevideo and Catster is they rely moar on sponsorships than on controversy so they have no need to support hate and abuse and theft. Sure, there are purrsonality conflicts. There are always purrsonality conflicts in any group. Even groups of two. But the thing is for some reason at Catster and Livevideo flaming is the exception, not the rule like it is at You Tube.

I think it's because justice is swift. Accused trolls at Livevideo get locked. If they can explain themselves, like if they have been unjustly accused, they get their accounts back. If not, their existence is completely wiped out. I mean, all comments are erased as if they never existed. Iz the only time trolls think they iz wasting their time so I thinks they mostly give up and slink back to You Tube.

Nao, I don't want you to think stoopid comments at You Tube hurt my feelings. They almost never had anything to say about me, and even if they did, they are weirdos on the internets. Who carez what they think?

Turns out, lots of hoomans do. I don't get it. In mai comments the hoomans all argue wif each other. Some of them iz stoopid, but some of them iz smart, too. The thing that botherz me is it takes the smart ones so much time to do it. It's the idea that so many hoomans are wasting their time that offends me.

Lots of them have the potential and purrsonalities to affect real change someplace if they would use their righteous indignation someplace where it's needed. There iz still hooman slavery going on. There iz still genocide going on. There iz still toxic chemicals poisoning the future. There iz still kids who don't get enough food. There iz still corporations wif moar rights than people. There iz still aminals being hurt for fun, and there iz still hoomans who need someone to make them laugh today.

I talks directly to the hoomans nao: Please, as a cat I don't beg much, excepts fur chickawn, but I am begging you hoomans to use your spare time and energy to be a part of something important. I dunno why so many of your species waste your time this way. Iz it because you live so long? Cuz I can tell you, I only have twenty years, maybe, I never waste a chance to nap or play or cuddle or make a hooman smile. I iz not saying I'm better than you but maybe you didn't see this opportunity so you iz wasting time on the internets arguing with hoomans who don't have your potential. You could be fixing something real and broken. Nothing gets fixed just by arguing on the internets. It just gets moar broken.

Anyhoo, on their deathbedz no one ever sayz they wish they spent moar time arguing on the internets. I'm sure of it.

(This video iz not fur kids. It has bad language!)

I haz a poll about hao to deal with comments at You Tube on mai website in the lower left if you iz interested.