Saturday, December 13, 2008

Best Friends Winnurz these two weekses!

The winnurz fur signed copiez uv Best Friends No Matter What these last two weeks haz been:

Atrion Darnay, a hooman of the geek breed just like mai hoomanz, though I undurstand there iz slight variationz in geeks just like there iz wif tabbiez. Here iz hiz Geeks Webpage.


iTrixie, a papillon doggie frum the woofsite, of course!


Forever Foster, who iz cats who host foster kittenz and blogz abouts them until they iz reddy to be adopted at Forever Foster.

Congratulations, I hopes you like mai book! Let me know when you gets them.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Mission: Preparing a project, Loki-style

Iz nearlee 1030 on Monday but I wuz busy today so I didn't decide on a Monday Mission until nao, after talking wif Kittyanydots.

Hoomans seem to think I gets lots uv thingz done. I don't get az much az I would likes done, I wish I wuzn't tempted to take so many naps, but sumhao I gets moar done than sum otherz so I thought this Monday Mission shud be abouts that.

When I dooz stuff, like a project, there iz seven parts to it.

The Idea
The Brainstormingz
The Preparationz
The Big Strokes
The Little Strokes
The Abandonment
The Boring Stuffs

The Idea iz when you gets a flash uv inspiration. Iz when two thingz collide in your head and makes a third thing that iz bigger than the two thingz. There iz no such thing az anything original because everything we make buildz upon sumthing from befoar that has collided wif sumthing else from befoar.

Iz important fur artists to understand this becuz it releases you frum obligation and stress. You do not needz to be original az much az you needz to make sumthing better from two other thingz. Then your style will takes care uv itself and that iz the original part.

The Brainstormingz iz when you mix these thingz in your head and gets moar little ideas that will helps you. Iz a good idea to listen to music when you do this becuz music encouragez your brain to wander and put together connectionz. Iz also a good idea to do this in the middle uv the night when you iz tired or when you are about to fall asleep. You wants your brain to connect moar thingz than normal in unusual ways.

Once it doez, you has to pick a time to stop the Brainstormingz and start the Preparationz. Many talented artists get stucks here. Sum fur their entire livez. You need to say to yourselfs, "I iz starting in two dayz whether I iz ready or not." If you don't, you will never be done thinking. You will be sumone who thought about starting to dream about doing sumthing great instead uv sumone who does sumthing great. Iz a trap. Pick a deadline to start and sticks to it no matter what happens.

The Preparationz iz when you puts togethur your suppliez and stuffs. Sumtimes it haz research material. Sumtimez it haz your physical toolz. But like befoar, your brain iz the most important. You has to have a time and place set aside to do this that izn't used fur anything else. And you has to dress fur work. When you has sumthing you wears just fur wurking on a project and you wearz it in the time and place it helps your brain concentrate.

The Big Strokes iz when you start working on the project. Thiz iz sketches or scripts or outlines or big globz of paint. Whatever you iz working with. If your Big Strokes require a lot uv thought, like if you iz making storyboards or you iz putting together details fur a character in a storee or you has to make sure sum spreadsheets haz the right formulaz, iz not a good idea to listen to music heer becuz music encouragez your brain to wander. You do not wants to think about two things at once when you has to concentrate on one thing.

The Little Strokes iz when you has the big stuffs in place and nao you fix it up. You don't do little things until the big thingz iz taken care uv. Iz like decorating a cake befoar you bake it, silly! Once you has baked a cake, you lets it cool. Then you coverz it in frosting. THEN you puts on the decorations. If you puts on the roses befoar you bake it the cake will be ruined.

The Abandonment iz hard to explain to anyone who isn't an artist. Art iz never finished. At sum point you has to give up and leave it where it iz. Iz never going to stay purrfect. What may be purrfect one minute will be imperfect again when you come back a minute later after a different thought comes in your head. You has to move on and let your art be. Almost az many artists get stuck here az get stuck between Brainstormingz and Preparationz. Pick a deadline and finish it.

The Boring Stuffs.
Every project haz boring stuffs. In writing this iz editing. In picturez it starts with fixative or mat cuttingz or making different resolutionz fur the internets. Then it movez on to trying to sell it. Selling iz very boring. Iz why sum people puts it off or doesn't work very hard at it, including me. No one likes to write cover letterz and tee shirt descriptions but it haz to be done. No one likes cleaning up, either, but it has to be done, too.

This is why every Tuesday I has no projects scheduled. I has Procrastination Day instead. I wurks on stuffs like selling and public relationz and letterz I shud have written but didn't cuz I wanted to make a cartoon instead. I also puts imagez on tee shirts and writes descripshuns. I does file backups and deletes or throws out sketches that went nowherez. I inventory and order art suppliez or printer ink or paper.

My Monday Mission iz to plan a noo project fur January uzing this breakdown. I already haz the idea. Iz a book abouts caring fur hoomans. Nao I haz to get it moving. Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Comic (In VIDEO!) Crispmouse Speshul.

This iz frum 2006, befoar Mayday and I becamez a couple. I mades hur sum needlepoint and I sings a little song bai Frank Loesser.

Also I iz wearing a snazzy Crispmouse sweatur!

Here iz the Catster page if you wants!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Nooz: Cats and Dogs 101

Iz Furiday, which meanz it's time fur aminal newz!

I hazn't had time to make videos in awhile cuz it iz the holiday seazon and everything. I knows the hoomans look forward to them and I will do some new ones and post sum old ones az soon az I haz the time.

But anywayz, I know anyone following mai blog or mai Twitter must be interested in kitty videos of sum kind so I wanted to point out sum cool thingz. Cats 101 premieres on Animal Planet this Saturday at 8 PM Eastern and Pacific time. Iz all about cats, the same az their series Dogs 101 is all abouts dogs.

But even better, if you iz a hooman bored at work and missing your furry family, you can visits Cats 101 or Dogs 101 on the internet and play trivia games, do puzzles and watch videos. As long as you don't gets in truble fur that sort uv thing. Or you can waits until you get home and play wif the hooman kittens so they learns sumthing.

They also haz a video podcast abouts all kinds uv aminals, not just cats and dogs. There iz lots uv Animal Face-Off and Meerkat Manor stuffs there. LOTS.

So there iz lots uv aminal videos to watch while I gets around to reposting mai furst video and mai musical Crispmouse video frum las year fur you. (I has to fit it in between naps.) Nao I don't feels so guilty.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Verse Day: Romeow

My kitteh's eyez R nothing like teh moon.
Salmon iz far moar red than hur lips' red.
If snow iz white, why then hur fur iz brown;
if whiskerz wires, black wirez grow frum hur head.

I has seen shrimp and tuna, pink and white,
But no such fishies C I in hur cheeks.
And in sum catnip there iz moar delite
Than in the breath that frum mai kitteh reeks.

I luv 2 hear hur purr, yet well I kno
That music haz a far moar pleazing sound.
I grant I nevur saw our Bastet go--
My kitteh, when she walks, padz on the ground.

And yet, by kibble, I think mai love as rare
Az any she belied wif false compare.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday WOW: Mai 15 Seconds on Racism Super Bowl Spot

Bai request cuz sumtimez hoomans can't find it. Mai 15 Second spot frum the 2007 Super Bowl. Words of Wisdom fur Wednesday:

Yes, it really wuz on TV in front of 40 million hoomans or something.
No, I didn't make any monies fur it. Iz not about the monies.

Iz hosted at You Tube and comments is allowed cuz CBS owns it and that's where they had the contest. I can't move it. But the visitorz has spoken in mai recent poll so frum nao on I will sumtimes post videos at You Tube fur your convenience but I will not allow comments there. I wouldn't reads them, anyway.

I allowz comments at Catster and Livevideo and I have free video downloads at and mai podcast.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Mission: I haz tics... in mai pants!

We all haz verbal tics. "Like", "And so", "fur real", "anyway", "nowamsane".

Mai problem iz I say "you know?" a lot. A LOT! As if it wuz a punctuation mark, you know?

Anyways, I has a way uv getting rid of verbal tics. You could have a good friend raise their hand whenever you say it to remind you silently that you haz tics. Or, if you wants to have moar fun, hee hee--

Every time you realize you has said your verbal tic, say "In mai pants." Fur instance:

"You know, I has a lot uv work I should have gotten done this past week... in mai pants."

If you does this enough it will cure you uv your tics. Or it will make you look crazy and no one will talks to you. Either way, you know, your tics haz gone... in mai pants.


Droopy iz back! She wuz living in the woods by a neighbor's house.

Shadow-Mayday haz been gone 3 weeks. It's been our experience we probably won't see hur again, especially given the evidence after hur disappearance that I would rather not think about.

Mayday iz the title we give our farm queen so Droopy will now receive that title. Our first farm queen after the Great Skunk Scare was born on May 1 along with two brothers, a white one named Beltane and a black and white one named Walpurgis. So she got the title Mayday.

Shadow-Mayday wuz our second Queen. We will miss hur. :(

But we are very happy to have Droopy-Mayday back, as you can imagine. She must have been frightened into hiding. Mai primate had to drive by and call to hur where they saw hur and still it wuz hours befoar she showed up. But she iz heer nao in the warm kitty house and we hope she decides not to wandur into ditches fur awhile.