Monday, December 1, 2008


Droopy iz back! She wuz living in the woods by a neighbor's house.

Shadow-Mayday haz been gone 3 weeks. It's been our experience we probably won't see hur again, especially given the evidence after hur disappearance that I would rather not think about.

Mayday iz the title we give our farm queen so Droopy will now receive that title. Our first farm queen after the Great Skunk Scare was born on May 1 along with two brothers, a white one named Beltane and a black and white one named Walpurgis. So she got the title Mayday.

Shadow-Mayday wuz our second Queen. We will miss hur. :(

But we are very happy to have Droopy-Mayday back, as you can imagine. She must have been frightened into hiding. Mai primate had to drive by and call to hur where they saw hur and still it wuz hours befoar she showed up. But she iz heer nao in the warm kitty house and we hope she decides not to wandur into ditches fur awhile.