Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Nooz: Cats and Dogs 101

Iz Furiday, which meanz it's time fur aminal newz!

I hazn't had time to make videos in awhile cuz it iz the holiday seazon and everything. I knows the hoomans look forward to them and I will do some new ones and post sum old ones az soon az I haz the time.

But anywayz, I know anyone following mai blog or mai Twitter must be interested in kitty videos of sum kind so I wanted to point out sum cool thingz. Cats 101 premieres on Animal Planet this Saturday at 8 PM Eastern and Pacific time. Iz all about cats, the same az their series Dogs 101 is all abouts dogs.

But even better, if you iz a hooman bored at work and missing your furry family, you can visits Cats 101 or Dogs 101 on the internet and play trivia games, do puzzles and watch videos. As long as you don't gets in truble fur that sort uv thing. Or you can waits until you get home and play wif the hooman kittens so they learns sumthing.

They also haz a video podcast abouts all kinds uv aminals, not just cats and dogs. There iz lots uv Animal Face-Off and Meerkat Manor stuffs there. LOTS.

So there iz lots uv aminal videos to watch while I gets around to reposting mai furst video and mai musical Crispmouse video frum las year fur you. (I has to fit it in between naps.) Nao I don't feels so guilty.