Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Mission: I haz tics... in mai pants!

We all haz verbal tics. "Like", "And so", "fur real", "anyway", "nowamsane".

Mai problem iz I say "you know?" a lot. A LOT! As if it wuz a punctuation mark, you know?

Anyways, I has a way uv getting rid of verbal tics. You could have a good friend raise their hand whenever you say it to remind you silently that you haz tics. Or, if you wants to have moar fun, hee hee--

Every time you realize you has said your verbal tic, say "In mai pants." Fur instance:

"You know, I has a lot uv work I should have gotten done this past week... in mai pants."

If you does this enough it will cure you uv your tics. Or it will make you look crazy and no one will talks to you. Either way, you know, your tics haz gone... in mai pants.