Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Verse Day: Romeow

My kitteh's eyez R nothing like teh moon.
Salmon iz far moar red than hur lips' red.
If snow iz white, why then hur fur iz brown;
if whiskerz wires, black wirez grow frum hur head.

I has seen shrimp and tuna, pink and white,
But no such fishies C I in hur cheeks.
And in sum catnip there iz moar delite
Than in the breath that frum mai kitteh reeks.

I luv 2 hear hur purr, yet well I kno
That music haz a far moar pleazing sound.
I grant I nevur saw our Bastet go--
My kitteh, when she walks, padz on the ground.

And yet, by kibble, I think mai love as rare
Az any she belied wif false compare.