Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday WOW: Mai 15 Seconds on Racism Super Bowl Spot

Bai request cuz sumtimez hoomans can't find it. Mai 15 Second spot frum the 2007 Super Bowl. Words of Wisdom fur Wednesday:

Yes, it really wuz on TV in front of 40 million hoomans or something.
No, I didn't make any monies fur it. Iz not about the monies.

Iz hosted at You Tube and comments is allowed cuz CBS owns it and that's where they had the contest. I can't move it. But the visitorz has spoken in mai recent poll so frum nao on I will sumtimes post videos at You Tube fur your convenience but I will not allow comments there. I wouldn't reads them, anyway.

I allowz comments at Catster and Livevideo and I have free video downloads at and mai podcast.