Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catbox (oar Litterbox oar Kitty Litter) Cake Recipe

This cake wuz in vogue (in style, not in da magazine) in the mid 1990s. I founds this pikture uv Luna posing next to the cake so I decided 2 post the ressipe.

Furst, get a small cat box oar litter pan. A NOO ONE! Sheesh.

Then you needs:
Box uv vanilla wafer cookies, in crumb form. Use hammur oar rolling pin oar food processor, but not teeth. The crumbs gets too wet that way.
Green oar blue food coloring.
2 Tablespoonz watur.
Enuf cake to fill the pan. So bakes two 9 x 13 cakes and let cool.
2 cups uv instant or canned vanilla pudding, prepared.
Big container uv whipped topping. BIG!
Bag uv mini Tootsie Roll candiez, warm.

  1. Put a third uv the cookie crumbs in a bowl.
  2. Mix watur wif coloring.
  3. Mix colored water into the bowl uv crumbs quickly, coloring az much as possible az evenly as possible. A fork wurks best, maybe, if you no has clawz.
  4. Set aside. Can nap nao if you iz tired.
  5. Cut the cakes so you can fit the pieces together in the catbox.
  6. Um, put the pieces uv cakes in the cat box, fitted togethur. You can eat the leftover pieces if you wants nao.
  7. Take a nap. If U wants.
  8. Spred the puddings on top uv the cakes evenly.
  9. Lick spoon cleen. Iz OK to nap nao, too. Cleening iz hard wurk!
  10. Get a big spoon oar spatoola and plop the whipped topping on top uv the cakes unevenly. Mash togethur so covurz the cakes, but leave lumpy.
  11. Lick spoon cleen. And tub whipped topping came in if you can fits UR hed in dere.
  12. Mix cleen crumbs wif blue crumbs evenly and sprinkle ovur whipped toppingz evenly until gone.
  13. Unwarp the Tootsie Rollz.
  14. I means, unwrap teh Tootsie Rollz.
  15. Put them on a plate and microwave no moar than 10 seconds at a time. You needz to make them pliable but not melted. Just warm enuf so they iz like clay.
  16. Wash UR pawz. Twice. Three times if you walks on them.
  17. Stick warm Tootsie Rollz togethur end to end and twist and mold until they looks like litturbox leavings. See pikture if you no understands this.
  18. Playz wif teh Tootsie Rollz wrapperz. They iz crinkly. (Thanks Daisy!)
  19. Bury sum of the Tootsie Roll catbox leavings in the toppings, otherz leav out all the way.
  20. Make sure one iz draped ovur the edge fur greater reelizm.
  21. Refrijerate befoar surving. Surve wif a pooper scooper. A NOO ONE!

If you makes this and brings it to UR workplace, iz very unlikely aneeone will taste it befoar it iz surved. They might even make U eats sum furst, so makes sure you gets the best piece. Growl if u has to.