Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mai Pride vs Basement Cat Minionz

I thinks I iz becoming a pack aminal, like the hoomanz. Cats iz supposed to "Walk Alone" az they say. Catster and later Twitter has changed this. We has cats and puppies and hoomans all talking to each other all the time, nao, and the cats has embraced being part of the pack as if it wuz natural to us.

Mebbe it is, actually. Lions has prides, so does we, nao. There iz a huge, HUGE pride uv Tweeting cats at Cats Who Twitter, conceiveded and put into practice bai Oscar the Cat (click to follows him). Sum uv us tweet in LOL dialect, but most iz in English oar bilingual so hoomans shud haves no trouble understanding us.

Anyhoo, Fui and Suey is in the Pride and gaves us a blog mention a few times this last week. I sends them a copy uv mai book. I links to the post heer. They has noo kittens all the time there if you likes piktures uv kittens. Hoo doesn't?

Also, I hads a stranger hooman link to mai Etsy shop, which iz exciting. Ovur at Glitzed, Angela, whoz cat iz Analog, wuz looking at Etsy fur "basement" and founded mai basement cat Animini (befoar I changed to bettur pikturez)! Iz nice meeting noo hoomanz and kittehs wif random searchez. But I think Analog looks nice and much moar like the lucky black Maneki Neko Animini wif the red collar. Also cuz Analog doesn't look evil. Not in a bad way, anyhao.

*end shameless miniplug*

Here iz mai favorite picher uv Ceiling Cat wif Basement Cat:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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But look at teh Pride Basement Cat haz.

Basement Cat summons his legions...
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Basement cat haz too much uv the menacing kind uv Pride. I likes mine bettur.