Saturday, February 7, 2009

Noo at Etsy, Part Deux

Another Loki who iz also orange noticed there were no orange Lokis in the noo shop. I didn't expect anyone to buys anything so fast, reely, so I wuz unprepared. Then I messed up the Paypal shippings, then I changed mai passwurd and spellded it rong (stoopid paws). But nao iz all wurking ok. Whew!

I didn't try and charge anyone fur the shipping calcualtion mistakes. Was not many peoples. But I sold 5 thingses already!

Today I put up sum Lokis (orange), Maydays (chocolate brown), Smores (brown calico), and Bears (black). I has no Tipsies (points like Siamese), Furballs (white and silver), Lunas (Black and silver), Boos (grey) or Lazes (Tuxedo) up there yet. I decided to puts them up bai eye color, too, so hoomanz can pick cats like cats they kno. Mostly I iz helping take picturez.

Also I haz cheezburgerz!

Code 1 meanz no armz, code 2 iz any Animini wif armz, no matter what they iz holding. Code 3 I iz working on happycats. Puppiez soon, too.