Thursday, February 5, 2009

Noo Etsy but getting rid uv Facebook and Myspace

O hai!

I iz back. And I haz nooz. If you followz me on Twitter you already knows this stuff, prolly.

Mai primates iz getting lade off. Both uv them. One iz home all the time now already, the other, they won't tells hur until the day she goes. Sometime in the next three months.

They has assured me they has stashed enuff monies away fur kibbles. No worriez. And they iz better off than lots uv hoomanz cuz even though they isn't rich, they has no debt besides the mortgage that they just refinanced at reely low rate. So we iz tightening belts but we shud be OK. Prolly I won't be getting any fancy-schmancy Petco toyz fur awhile, but I iz purrfectly happy wif a cotton swab or bell in a sock so iz OK.

I iz taking down the links to mai Myspace and Facebook. I never uses them so iz false advertising making peoples think I will be there when I won't. Iz too much work.

I iz putting up a link to mai Etsy, though. Mai hooman usually makes silver but iz doing Animinis instead. They iz $2 to $5 and about an inch high, and you can has as many as u want shipped fur the same price. I know, iz suspishious having etsy shop and layoff announcement in the same post. If you buys them, buy because they iz cheap and cute and makes you happy, not cuz you feelz sorry fur the primates. Mai hoomans don't expect to makes a living frum etsy, iz just something we has meant to do fur months and just got around to nao.

Moar kittehs there soon, not just Valentine kittehs.