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Thursday Verseday: Loki the cat from (Insert H-word)

Iz mai furst appearance in a video in 2005 az a flash cartoon. I didn't behave very well bak then. I haz lerned to channel mai energiez in a moar positive way nao. If you don't like your kids to lern the "h" word yet, don't shows them the video, K?

Haz Simpsons Language, not Sesame Street Language this time.

You can downloads it at the Internet Archive.

I has a account nao I iz supposed to cross-post blogz to. I dunno where they go frum there. I hasn't done it yet. But anyways, fur the hoomanz who may reedz this post sumplace else, mai book has been copylefted. You can download and share it with kids you know for free from the library at the Internet Archive. Iz called "Best Friends No Matter What" and starz me and mai best friend, Mayday. We iz kitties.

The book iz moar Sesame Street than the Simpsons. OK foar almost effurryone, unless they no likes kitties.

Thankee! Bye!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday WOW: Comfort Zone

Most hoomanz iz limited bai their fearz. But their greatest accomplishments comez frum taking chances, not playing it safe.

Effurything U wants iz rite outside UR comfort zone. Unless what you want iz naps, in which case you shud prolly stay in bed.

Thus endz Loki'S Words uv Wizdom fur this week.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday SHOUTOUTS! (March 8)

O hai! Iz Daylight Savings thingy in the US today so I haz one less hour fur tweetings and bloggingz and nappingz. Iz time fur shoutouts!

FURST: Melina and Denise iz a couple uv Etsians who sends me a nice note aftur I posted Laz and me modeling our kitty clothingz at Etsy. They has cool jewelry and bagz in their Esty shop, Moody and Sanguine. They also posts about mai shirt in their blog.

They has two cats, Solstice and Vanian. Since the hoomanz haz mad sewing skillz, I has told them abouts mai free cat shirt pattern and the video tutorial. There iz one at Catster and at the Internet Archive.

(I hopes Solstice and Vanian iz not skeered, nao.)

SECOND: Sally Smitten-Kitten haz posted a note about mai Copyleft Experiment on Forever Foster, even though she just missed a dangerous cyclone and effurything. Sally iz a foster kitten and has just lerned iz sumtimez moar fun to share things like toyz than keeps them to hurselfs. (Iz wai I likes sharing mai book. Sally gets it!)

Honest Scrap Award

Mai friends at Paws and Effect gives me an Honest Scrap award!

"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven (7) friends. Show the seven (7) random victims’ names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, really, but they can keep the nifty icon. Next, in your blog, list at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

OK, so wuz hard to choose, but I tags:

iTrixie a perky Papillon puppy. Say 3x fast. I darez ya.
Forever Foster the best place to see kittens. Noo kittens all the time!
Daisy The Curly Cat One uv the best-dressed cats on the web.
Skeezix the Cat The other best-dressed cat on the web.
Her Own Renaissance feline artist. Well, she iz hooman, but she paints cats.
Kittyanydots who does ultra cyoot etsy fur amiinal charities.
Lian Xin the painting Chihuahua artiste.

(You no HAS to do this! But I doez nao so:)

Frum Loki

1. I likes wearing shirts....
2. Prolly cuz I lick the furz off my tummy and I iz cold.
3. I wuz 11 yearz old befoar I broke mai furst mouse, and I puts it on mai male primate's desk so he could fix it. I wuz very upset wen he couldn't. I hasn't broke one since.
4. One time I catched a bird trapped in the house in mid air uzing onlee my mouth, then I gave it to mai primate and walked away. She put it outside.
5. When I wuz in the sheltur, I used to break out uv the kennel all the time and visit the puppy room.
6. I am ashamed to say I uzed to eat wif mai paws.
7. I will not undur ANY circumstances nosetap a hooman. I shake hands.
8. I introduced myself to a Furby by giving it a nosetap and sniffing its butt. The primates thought this wuz hilarious. I dunno why, this iz proper mannurz fur greeting furry thingz.
9. Mai farm has wild catnip, so I gets to pick out the best plants fur myself effury July.
10. I wuz an orphan so I don't knead, I licks fingerz insted.


1. I will not wear clothing.
2. I will not speak LOL. Ever.
3. I am from New York.
4. I am constantly trying new diets.
5. I killed eleven mice before I was a year old. That they know about. I collected their skulls under the couch.
6. I will not eat human food if offered because I am watching my figure, although I enjoy an occasional tuna cocktail.
7. I only socialize with Loki if no one is looking, and at the vet, where he instantly becomes my best friend.
8. I have a large vocabulary and my primate, the male, and I have entire conversations. He is smarter than he looks.
9. I hide when my primates move furniture.
10. I am afraid to go outside because I once fell out of a window.


1. I wuz ded almost. Houmanz fixded me. Iz wai I iz named Lazarus even tho I iz a grrl.
2. I bites.
3. I luvs Loki. He helps me gets away wif stuf.
4. I duzn't kneed eithur.
5. Mai wate wuz half what it shud be when the hooman founded me and they wuz about to bury me until I moved a toe.
6. Mai fafurite toy iz a teddy bear. I keels it ovur and ovur.
7. Primates think I can teleport but reelee I just move reeleeeee fast!
8. I found and destroied all Loki's peacok fethurz.
9. I likes to play in watur and steal spongez.
10. I cleans hoomanz feet when they get out uv the showurz in case the waturz iz dirty.

Best Friends For Free

O hai!

Salez uv mai book haz been so low aftur the market crash I iz embarrassed hao little monies the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society iz getting frum it.

I had originally intended to release the book fur free cuz when mai primate wuz a kitten they had onlee a little monies so free books wuz awesome. But then I gots talked out uv it.

I thinks I shoulda stuck wif mai instincts. Cuz I think copylefting* iz the future uv copyrighting and the onlee way fur small peeples to compete wif corporate behemoths. Aftur all, I know I izn't going to make a living off books. I want peeples to read them. And I thinks I remember Cory Doctorow pointing out that the reason peoples isn't buyig sum books isn't becuz they downloaded them free frum the internets. Iz because they don't know they exist.

I know Best Friends No Matter What makes a great present. Iz good fur kids and adults. Iz wai most peeples who haz a copy buyz two. I thinks if peeple know it exists they will keep it in mind to buys it az a gift becuase it iz useful and cyoot and benefits aminals.

So I has copylefted it az an exspearmint. File iz 2MB so prolly small enuff fur peoples to email. You can gets it at The Internet Archive, an online library. You can copy it fur a whole class if you wants, or email it to friendz, oar do a reading (video), whatever. Iz free! or if you iz tweeting.

Send it to anyone you wants!

(Translation into actual English, download Loki's book from the Internet Archive and make as many copies as you want for as many people as you want. We think giving it away virally will eventually increase sales and benefit the SFAHS. This is a social experiment attempting to validate the benefits of copyleft.)

*Sry this iz a wikipedia link. Usually there are bettur informations out there than wikipedia but in this case it iz the onlee one that doezn't focus only on copylefted software.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday WOW: Sum1 Eated the Stocks

Sumone has eated the stocks. Even aftur they crashded.

I dunno abouts you, but when I has stocks, whethur it iz chickawn oar vegetable stocks, I prefur to view the bowl az half full after I has eated sum. Clearly!

Stocks that has fallen and crashded iz the bestest stocks cuz you no has to share wif the hoomans. They no eats it off the floor cuz they has no snouts. Wat iz the fuss about?

Geez. Tell UR hoomanz to view their stocks az half full.

Thus endz Loki's Words Of Wizdom fur this week.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mai Eastur Special Video wif Jack's Outtake

Iz mai Eastur Special. I wuz eating sum Marshmallo Birdies called Meeps when I experienced a home invasion bai the Easter Bunny.

Is about Simpsons level> Um, in content, not animashun skillz. If your kids aren't allowed to watch the Simpsons, then you shud watch it befoar they do.