Saturday, March 7, 2009

Best Friends For Free

O hai!

Salez uv mai book haz been so low aftur the market crash I iz embarrassed hao little monies the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society iz getting frum it.

I had originally intended to release the book fur free cuz when mai primate wuz a kitten they had onlee a little monies so free books wuz awesome. But then I gots talked out uv it.

I thinks I shoulda stuck wif mai instincts. Cuz I think copylefting* iz the future uv copyrighting and the onlee way fur small peeples to compete wif corporate behemoths. Aftur all, I know I izn't going to make a living off books. I want peeples to read them. And I thinks I remember Cory Doctorow pointing out that the reason peoples isn't buyig sum books isn't becuz they downloaded them free frum the internets. Iz because they don't know they exist.

I know Best Friends No Matter What makes a great present. Iz good fur kids and adults. Iz wai most peeples who haz a copy buyz two. I thinks if peeple know it exists they will keep it in mind to buys it az a gift becuase it iz useful and cyoot and benefits aminals.

So I has copylefted it az an exspearmint. File iz 2MB so prolly small enuff fur peoples to email. You can gets it at The Internet Archive, an online library. You can copy it fur a whole class if you wants, or email it to friendz, oar do a reading (video), whatever. Iz free! or if you iz tweeting.

Send it to anyone you wants!

(Translation into actual English, download Loki's book from the Internet Archive and make as many copies as you want for as many people as you want. We think giving it away virally will eventually increase sales and benefit the SFAHS. This is a social experiment attempting to validate the benefits of copyleft.)

*Sry this iz a wikipedia link. Usually there are bettur informations out there than wikipedia but in this case it iz the onlee one that doezn't focus only on copylefted software.