Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday SHOUTOUTS! (March 8)

O hai! Iz Daylight Savings thingy in the US today so I haz one less hour fur tweetings and bloggingz and nappingz. Iz time fur shoutouts!

FURST: Melina and Denise iz a couple uv Etsians who sends me a nice note aftur I posted Laz and me modeling our kitty clothingz at Etsy. They has cool jewelry and bagz in their Esty shop, Moody and Sanguine. They also posts about mai shirt in their blog.

They has two cats, Solstice and Vanian. Since the hoomanz haz mad sewing skillz, I has told them abouts mai free cat shirt pattern and the video tutorial. There iz one at Catster and at the Internet Archive.

(I hopes Solstice and Vanian iz not skeered, nao.)

SECOND: Sally Smitten-Kitten haz posted a note about mai Copyleft Experiment on Forever Foster, even though she just missed a dangerous cyclone and effurything. Sally iz a foster kitten and has just lerned iz sumtimez moar fun to share things like toyz than keeps them to hurselfs. (Iz wai I likes sharing mai book. Sally gets it!)