Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Verseday: Loki the cat from (Insert H-word)

Iz mai furst appearance in a video in 2005 az a flash cartoon. I didn't behave very well bak then. I haz lerned to channel mai energiez in a moar positive way nao. If you don't like your kids to lern the "h" word yet, don't shows them the video, K?

Haz Simpsons Language, not Sesame Street Language this time.

You can downloads it at the Internet Archive.

I has a account nao I iz supposed to cross-post blogz to. I dunno where they go frum there. I hasn't done it yet. But anyways, fur the hoomanz who may reedz this post sumplace else, mai book has been copylefted. You can download and share it with kids you know for free from the library at the Internet Archive. Iz called "Best Friends No Matter What" and starz me and mai best friend, Mayday. We iz kitties.

The book iz moar Sesame Street than the Simpsons. OK foar almost effurryone, unless they no likes kitties.

Thankee! Bye!