Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hero Kitteh uv Crazy Woman Creek + Wat I Founded in Omaha

Mai primates just got back frum a trip to Montana. On the way, they stopped at a rest stop and dere wuz a kitteh there trying to gets their attenshun. It wuz one of the rest stops where there iz places to grill meatses somewhere neer Crazy Woman Creek in Wyoming.

They thought the kitteh wuz just trying to see if they had hotdogs. He wuz akting like a feral kitteh but staring them in the eyes and kept backing away, but he looked well-fed so iz prolly a good place to hang fur a rest stop kitteh, getting meatses insted uv licking out bags uv Doritos in the trash cans, you know.

Anyhao, he took off wen he realized no hotdogz wuz in the offing, and wen they turned around they wuz far enuf away frum the van and it wuz getting light enuf to see it wuz leeking. Wuz about 5AM on Saturday morning, so noplace who did transmissions wuz open. They started buying transmission fluid at gas stashuns an putting it in efurry 30 miles until they got to Billings, and the van finally completely died in a parking lot there.

So thanks yoo, Rest Stop Kitteh! If you didn't show mai primates there wuz a leek, they woulda broken down a hundred miles frum their destinashun with no one to fix it until Monday and Dad-primate wud gets in truble at hiz noo job.

One place quoted $1500 but sed it wud take a week, but they needed to get bak to Sioux Falls bai Monday so they sed "no". Wen his manager came in latur and found out he sed he cudn't fix it in a day, the manager called back and offered to fix it fur $2500. Jurk.

Primates decided to abandon the van outta spite. They said manager sounded surprised and sad, but $2500 fur a van that's reddy to graduate High School with no guarantee they wouldn't add moar fees and no recourse if they did a bad job, and then having to drive 12 hourz on faith? Yeah, rite.

We onlee buy uzed carz with cash and we wuz gonna get a noo one soon anyway so $2500 iz about a third uv a car fur us.

We haz relatives in Billings, and primate's niece iz having a bebbeh and they know someone who has the parts and can fix it fur $800, so we gives it to hur. Has noo windshield, shocks, struts, tires and stuff cuz primates put monies in efurry year to keep uzed cars upgraded, just needs noo transmission, and iz very safe fur bebbehs. Also haz lots uv room fur mommy thingz.

But this reminded me I has an old video uv mai trip to Omaha. There is a gigantic zoo there. Haz a rainforest exhibit and an Imax and stuff, but this is mai fafurite exhibit: