Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Fading Away (Abouts Zone Cooling, Reelee)

I tries to convince primate to puts in air conditioning last month, but she argues "Izn't summer yet!" Well nao iz summer and we haz no air conditioning still and yesterday it got to 85 degrees in the house.

I know, wuz Fahrenheit, but feels like Centigrade, srsly! Peoples thing uv bitter cold windz wen they think uv South Dakota, but we has near sauna temperaturez in summer and high humidity. Lotta tourists has to stop at Walmart fur cheap summer clothes cuz they no expects it.

Anyhoo, primates uze "Zone Heating" and "Zone cooling" instead uv all ovur the house.

♥ Tip from the human: Zone heating and cooling means using different heating and cooling settings in different areas of your house, depending on use. We use an electric heater to supplement the living area in the harsh South Dakota Winters and switched to window air conditioners in the bedroom, livingroom and work/craft room. Using them only when needed saves money and a little of the environment.

Oddly enough, those cheap, tacky 5000 BTU electric fireplace heaters by Dimplex work better in our rooms with ceiling fans than the Vornado we bought based on a Consumer Reports suggestion, though the Vornado works great in the craft room.

Also saves a little sanitee!

So anyways, I convince hur yesterday bai spending all day (wen I wuzn't on teh internets) on the floor under the ceiling fan, playing ded. As you can see above. It wurked. She gots out air condishuners and I has Sanctuary at last!

Wuz getting wurried I wud has to take off mai fur coat until Oktober.