Saturday, June 20, 2009


I wuz just trying to figure out hao to puts a Google Calendar on mai blog. I has listed at Etsy which Animinis are being listed next on wat days, but I gets an idea fur putting in a calendar on mai blog.

I looks it up in the widget thingy but there iz SO many. All I really wanted wuz offishul Google calendar, you know? So anyway, I founds the "embed" code finally in the regular google calendar settingz.

But befoar I dids that I found this widget called "Fish". Well, I luvs fishies, so I has to try it. I installed an aquarium at the bottom uv mai blog. It looks like dis:

Iz fun to looks at, and you can feeds the fishies bai clicking. Wen there is no foods, they follow the mouse. Is prolly the onlee time you sees fishies following mouses.

(I tries to feed the red one furst but he not very smart. I feels sorry fur him.)

But they is not nommy. They tastes like pixels.