Saturday, June 20, 2009

Organizing UR Play Space: Caturday On Hoomans

Lots uv hoomans buy noo supplies without knowing where they iz going to put them. I know, iz crazee, but iz true....

Nao that she iz on Funemployment, mai primate has started up hur Esty Shop again! It tooks awhiles to get hur supplies in order. This palette uv clay all measured out fur animinis took 10 hours total!

Whether you iz playing oar cooking oar doing artwork, it iz most important to makes sure you can find efurry thing you need. Like me, I knows where mai food and litturbox and bestest nap spots iz, but also I stores mai furry mouse toys under the TV stand and mai treat ball behind the refridgerator so mai primate gets practice fishing wif a backscratcher.

Furst thing iz, hoomanz has to has a room, oar part uv one, set aside just fur art and craft things. Otherwise, you is gonna leave them all over the house willy-nilly. It wud be like storing sum marbles behind the toilet and others at the bottom ov the stairs and moar in the lint trap. You think having marbles handy in efurry room meens you can always find them, but it doesn't. You wud lose all your marbles that way.

♥ Tip from the Human: Set aside a specific area for storing supplies. If you wouldn't store half your pots and pans in the bathroom, why should your art supplies be all over the house?

Mai primate took over a junk room. She will be embarrassed to show you this but I no carez. You needs to see it. Uzed to look something like this.

She divided efurrything up bai wat kind uv project, like sewing, jewelry, painting and stuffs. Then she gots sum plastic shelves and clear totes that fits them. Clear totes are essential because you can sees in them wifout opening them. Nao it looks like this:

♥ Tip from the Human: Whenever possible, choose clear storage so you can see contents.

Two uv the biggest problemz uv crafty hoomans is

  1. Finding supplies for the current projekt.
  2. Finishing oar discarding old projekts.

She has a shelf uv empty containers labeled "Current Project". This iz so she can put together supplies fur a single project. Sumtimes you need paint wif your clay stuff oar beads foar a sewing project. Having a tote available to put efurrything in to bring to your work area helps enshure you don't needs to waste time searching fur multimedia supplies when you iz on a roll.

♥ Tip from the Human: Fill up a tote, painter's box or sewing kit with supplies needed for one project, then make sure it is empty again when you are finished.

One tote iz set aside fur unfinished projekts. Hoomans often start things and nevur finish them. Iz their way. Sumtimes they thinks a projekt will be funner, oar easier, oar they run out uv supplies, oar they mess up and think they can fix it latur. It happens to efurryone.

So unfinished projekts, fur whatevar reason, go in the unfinished projects tote. Befoar starting a noo project, either finish oar discard an old one. You may find you feel bettur when you gives youself permission to give up!

♥ Tip from the Human: If you've had a project in your unfinished project tote for over a month, admit you have no intention of finishing it. Give it to someone else, recycle it, or discard it.

This iz the bestest way she found to organize hur play supplies, even if they is in containers that makes it impossible to get furs in.