Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strolling on teh Beach-- A Storee Abouts Mai Shurt

Primate iz reelee going J. Peterman on the Etsy stuffs. Funemployment maybe making hur crazee. Iz too silly?

You're strolling barepawed along the beach, sidestepping crabs and enjoying the sleepy feeling of the mid-morning sun. You swat at a rising butterfly and as you look up, you see... her.

She is curled on a soft, terrycloth towel in the shade under a tree of nervous birdies, her tail rounds her paws, demurely bringing attention to her perky whiskers.

Your eyes meet.

Luckily for you, you're wearing your orange and yellow Hawaiian print cat shirt. Purrfect for travel to a faraway beach or that sunny spot by the window, it features button details, snap back closure, H-harness opening, inset sleeves and a fold-down collar. Most importantly, your good taste distinguishes you from the millions of other cats of your breed, just like the cat-of-the-world you are.

Her ears give you the come-hither twitch, and you notice there is room on that towel for two.

Teh orange Hawaiian Print Cat Shirt iz available at Etsy.

Dis mai usual orange shirt pikture, but aftur reeding Daisy's post abouts photo editing magic, I remembered we used to play moar wif teh backgrounds, so I added a pikture frum primate's trip to Caribbean to see mai cousin Chewie. He a Pomeranian. It lookses bettur nao!

Almost looks like I travels, but I don't need to get in teh car!