Monday, June 29, 2009

Video: How to Make a Cat Shirt

This iz a repeat fur sum uv you. I recentlee gots mai noo buziness cards and on the bak it sez, "You can make your own cat shirt! Free pattern and video tutorial at"

Iz all tru, uv course, but iz kinda hard to finds this stuff cuz I is still trying to finish a noo look fur mai blog and efurrything iz all ovur the place. Nao I has a Loki Map, finally! Iz like a site map but I iz all over the internet so iz a map uv links if I iz napping at a different site and you iz looking fur me.

I makes a noo version uv the shirt tutorial video awhile ago but nevur put it up. Nao I has. Iz at the Internet Archive Orange Cat Blues Collection soon, just like efurrything else, but fur live action videos I uze Catster Video.

Here is the Cat Shirt Pattern (pdf) and mai tutorial.