Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday WOW: Funemployment

Mai primate just finally gots lade off. This meanz she gets to stay home wif me ALL SUMMER! Whoo!

Wat she iz doing iz called "Funemployment". She's not hanging out and eating and crashing at other hoomanz houses to mooch on their foodz. She akshully haz planz and a skedule.

Wat she noticed already iz hur todo list iz full. A lot uv other hoomanz seemz to think cuz she haz no official job nao she iz looking fur thingz to do so they ask hur to do thingz. She'z having trouble convincing them she doesn't have time fur theze things.

A chance to wurk on projekts she's wanted to finish fur a long time unencumbered bai the demandz uv a boss besides hurself iz an opportunity that comes along once oar twice in a lifetime fur some hoomanz. She haz to finish these projects while she haz the time to wurk on them! And they iz BIG projects she iz planning fur a looooong time cuz she knew she waz getting lade off eventually. A few months between jobz iz sumtimez the onlee time a purson haz to pursue a life's wurk as if they has a chance to do it fur a living.

So, wen someone haz had time to save up monies to turn unemployment into funemployment, pleeze takes them seriously wen they sez they haz no time cuz they haz wurk to do. It cud be they iz just the kind uv purrson who looks forward to turning lemonz into lemonade and selling it on a streetcorner stand fur fun!

But anyhoo, I haz a slightly diffrent philosophy than mai primate wen it comez to todo lists. Mai todo list goez like this:


Thus ends Loki's Wurds Of Wizdom fur dis week.