Monday, July 6, 2009

I kicks mai primate out!

Az yoo know, mai primate iz on funemployment, and nao they has losted one car so even if she gets a job, she cannot guarantee she can gets there, and she wud be wurking just to pay fur a car to get to wurk. Wud be stoopid. We lives in the country-- there iz no subway ware there iz corn, I guess, but there lots uv bunny holes.

She not getting government unemployment monies cuz she haz a severance package and an online bizness. As @neotigress pointed out, it looks like the universe wants hur to stay home and make art, which she shuda been doing 15 yearz ago, if you ask me.

But I don't wants hur messing up mai blog nao that she's home all day making Animinis, so I makes hur get hur own blog. Iz ovur at Animini City. Prolly sumtimes I guest post there cuz someone has to keep an eye on hur.

(Sometimes I post cute Etsy stuff here, too, but nothing on organizing an art bizness.)

She planz on having the Animini storees take place in Animini City (like the Verminator storee), maybe cartoons, and right nao she haz a poll to find out wat to name the street the Fantasy Color Animinis iz having their tattoo party on. Also, she looking to trade copies of books with other aminals like me on Twitter hoo iz in books. Check out the "Pets on Twitter Book Exchange" if you iz interested in trading!

If she evur gets 50 followerz at hur blog, she starting to have contests there foar free Animinis and Cat Clothes. Prolly I will post that heer, too.