Saturday, August 15, 2009

100 Fans Lucky Maneki Neko Giveaway!

On Facebook Pages (not profiles), you need 100 fans before you can get a username. Thanks to the nice people on Etsy, I did it!

About the Lucky Maneki Neko

In celebration, I’m giving away a custom Maneki Neko. There are many stories about the origin of the Lucky Maneki Neko figurine, but here is my favorite:

A wealthy feudal lord was taking shelter under a tree near Gotoku-ji temple during a thunderstorm. The lord saw the temple priest’s cat beckoning to him and followed; a moment later the tree was struck by lightning. The wealthy man became friends with the poor priest and the temple became prosperous. When the cat died, supposedly the first Maneki Neko was made in his honor.

The Maneki Neko comes in a wide variety of traditional colors and styles, each representing a different lucky subject. Calicos are for general luck, Red and Pink for love and romance, Black for protection from evil, Gold for prosperity and White for a positive future.

The Beckoning Cat, also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, Money cat or Fortune Cat, is most often depicted as a Japanese Bobtail cat, a cat with a tail somewhat like a rabbit’s. They also come with long tails, right or left paws raised, both paws raised, and with the paw facing backwards for Western audiences.

The prize for this contest is a custom Animini necklace posed like a lucky Maneki Neko, but you aren’t limited to traditional colors or cats. You can choose your dog, a panda, a hamster, a guinea pig, or whatever other animal represents love and luck for you. (Obviously if you pick a shark, or something, I can redesign the pose to something more naturalistic.)

The pendant will be about the size of a quarter, hand-painted to match your request, with a collar in your favorite color. I triple-glaze so they have the feel of a china animal, but they are made of durable polymer clay. Will be shipped free anywhere in the world in a velour gift bag, and arrives on an 18-inch black PVC cord with sterling clasp, a 24-inch “dog tag” ball chain, or an ID lanyard (your choice).

How to Enter

This post is going up in four places. You can enter at all four and quadruple your chances of winning.

On Facebook: Post a link to a picture of your favorite animal as a comment on this note and explain your choice.

On the Animini City Blog: or on Loki’s Blog, Log in to the comments with your facebook, twitter, google or open ID account and post a picture of your favorite animal directly in the blog comments and explain your choice. Be sure to tell me who you are on Facebook if you don’t use your facebook account.

On 43 Things: Comment on this entry, explain your choice, and upload a picture. Be sure to tell me who you are on Facebook if you don’t use your facebook account.


  1. You must be a fan of Orange Cat Blues’ Animini City on Facebook.
  2. We can’t be related.

How the Winner will be Chosen

Of course, I finally hit 100 fans just before I visit my parents for over a week, and I won’t have any clay with me because I can’t bring it on the plane!

So, on the Saturday after next, I will hold a random drawing from all qualified entrants at Facebook, Animini City and 43 Things, and announce the winner Sunday.

♥ Pet

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Modeling: Animini Me Collar (bai Loki)

Dis wuz mai modeling seshun last weekend. I shows yoo hao we choozes the pikture foar the Animini Me Cat Collar.

Furst, yoo need to know I gets paid in Fancy Feast inna can, the kind wif the gravy. I takes 10% up front. That wai in pikture 1 I yoo sees me negotiating wif the photografer.

It takes sum time to sets up the shoot, and sumtimes photografer takes stoopid shots like 2.

I stretching in 3 and 4. Wen I want sumthing, I stands up like a hooman. Here I wants the rest uv the Fancy Feast, but in order to gets it, I need to be moar serious.

In pikture 5, photografer going foar the cute looking up look, but can’t sees the collar innit, and foar sum rezon they trying to show peoples the collar and not me.

Picture 6 I giving mai “bored model look”. Unfortunately, photographer tells me they not trying to convey boredom. So I whips out mai most intense predatory stare. I calls it “Le tigre”. Photografer likes it az a picture and might turn it into a painting, but not to represent the collar. Also, they need space foar wurds and mai tail iz inna way.

She tells me to be “perky”. Rite aftur I rolls mai eyes, she took shot 8. As yoo can see, dis the one we uzing, and I gets to haz the whole can uv Fancy Feast. All iz well!

☺ Loki

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monkeybone vs. Mouse Hunt vs. Mr. Rice's Secret (bai Loki)

I watched alla dese moovies in the last few dayz.

I watched Mouse Hunt cuz it haz Walken innit. Also it haz mouses!

I unnerstand that it wuz really a live-action cartoon and yoo can see which bits iz taken rite outta Tom and Jerry and stuffs, but aftur awile I gots bored wen Walken wasn’t onna screen. And wat with dat Catzilla in dat horrible sheltur? I’d be like Catzilla, too, if I came frum a sheltur like dat!

And efurry time I left to gets a snack I cuda sworn I hears a meerkat talking.

Anyhao, I didn’t like it enuff to recommend it unless yoo is trying to see alla Walken’s movies, but it nowhere near az annoying az Pennies from Heaven.

I also watched Monkeybone to learn about hooman nightmares and because it haz Death az a character. Iz also the reezon I watched Mr. Rice’s Secret.

Monkeybone wuz OK. The place ware alla the coma people go was definnatly wurth watching even if the storee duzn’t suit yoo just foar the artwork and character designs. There were sum really highbrow gags that came outta nowhere that made me wunder if it written bai moar than one purrson oar bai one purrson’s right and left hands. Story pretty predictable but the art directshun wuzn’t. The Kitty lady wearing alla the Egyptian designs wuz a good touch, and Whoopi Goldberg as Death wuz a genius casting job!

BTW, even tho it has a cartoon monkey, iz not fur kids. There a doggy innit hoo playz a crucial role in comfirming the hooman’z identitee.

I saw sum bad ratings foar Mr. Rice’s Secret, but it seemed like most the gripes were that there wasn’t enuff David Bowie innit and the mysterious treasure map didn’t take the kid to Narnia and the kids behaved like kids insted uv the way parents want kids to behave, so I watched it, and I liked it.

Yeah, it haz sum of the feel uv an after-school special cuz there’s a rivalry between kids with cancer and there’s a wise older Obi Wan type uv neighbor, etc. But the fantasy parts were subtle and the kids’ dialogue rang true. Sum parents might be offended bai some language because they iz expecting moar of an aftur-school special, but kids are gonna hear far wurse frum their friends.

Death appears az the local undertaker. He not a bad guy, really. Storee haz a good lesson, but I don’t remembur if dere’s anee aminalz innit besides inna birdhouse.

Anyhao, I think Mr. Rice’s Secret wuz the best uv those three.

☺ Loki

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Got in my first Etsy Treasury today!

Treasuries are collections of twelve items chosen by Etsy members. I guess the items on the main page are chosen from the treasury items, but I’m not sure. Google says most of my hits come from Twitter, so I’ve been ignoring the onsite Etsy options. I’m comfortable on Twitter. I like talking to people.

I also haven’t really paid much attention to it because since what I sell is, in my opinion, ice cream, and the items on the main page are usually chocolate souffles. I looked into the treasury system once and backed out. The number of treasuries are limited and there’s some kind of mad land rush I’m not comfortable with, being a newbie.

I got a note today from MasqueFaire , who has a marvelous Tiger Mask here , telling me she put me in this cute Bizarre Bazaar about cats . So my Deluxe Hairy Potter is in with an awesome two-headed kitten and a hilarious Zombie Kitteh plate , among other things. I’m quite pleased to wake up to this, because yesterday was a No Good, Very Bad Day.

♥ Pet

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog sightingz!

Uzed to be Toozday wus our Procrastinashun day, but we changed it to Momday cuz Toozday is Dadprimate's day off and sumtimes they goes on dates. Dere two things we been meaning to do: gets a noo video card and writes a blog about othur blogs.


Although we gets sum monies frum Etsy, we still not getting noo video card. Primate iz on Funemployment, az yoo prolly know, but she not getting unemployment monies cuz she supposed to get a severance package at the beginning uv last month, but the purrson on the envelope hur severance paperwurk was addressed to got lade off so the company lost it and she had to send it again. So we had to uze the Etsy monies foar kibbles and moar supplies inna meantime. Iz OK, though! Primates has the garden and I has kibbles, so all iz well! Dere is people and aminalz MUCH moar worse off than me. Iz wai I still giving $5 away foar efurrything in the charity sekshun.

Long storee short, I still not making noo videos until severance package comes. I getting antsy, too, cuz wen I makes videos I get to play wif the peacock feathur and eet Fancy Feast off a giant spoon and tell jokes.

But if yoo wants old videos, they free heer, except foar mai Super Bowl Video cuz CBS ownz it.


Inna meantime, Daisy the Curly Cat iz trying out Crazy Talk on hur blog! She haz a video riddle up there today. Yoo shud go tell hur eithur on hur blog oar on Facebook to get the full version cuz since Laz broke mai good video card fan wif hur furs, hoomanz starting to think we aminalz onlee talk in LOLcat capshuns!

I has sum blog mentions! Mai frend Lian Xin, the Painting Chihuahua did a blog post a long time ago wen I sends hur a painting Chihuahua Animini. She even waring it and calling it a Mini Me! :D Yoo can sees the pikture on hur blog.

Todd the Office Cat not onlee mentioned his Animini-Me in his blog, he puts it in da noozpaper ware he writes articles efurry Thursday! WOW! Yoo can fans hiz noospaper on Facebook, too.

Dere, I done procrastinating foar dis week! :D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Please Send Money" bai Cheshire Kitten. (Review bai Loki!)

Since lots uv Tweeters hoo iz aminalz iz also in books, we decided to has a Pets on Twitter book exchange . We traded books wif Cheshire Kitten . I gave Cheshire and Robin a copy uv mai book, and in return I gots a copy uv Please Send Money, a tiny photo book that haz a story bai Cheshire Kitten and feechurez picturez uv his familee.

Iz a storee about hao the kittehs comes up wif an idea to earn monies fur kibbles in the recession. Iz good fur kids and reminds me a lot uv the classic book Two Kittens by Marjory Schwalje, which iz ware I gets the idea to wear clothes.

But I digress.

Cheshire and hiz familee learn about hao peoples is running out uv monies and they want to help, so they try different ideas like cleaning houses and doing repairs befoar they decide to write a book, cuz they’ve seen the other kitties on the computer and “they can’t even spell!” (hee!)

Iz very clever and funny and the color photos do a great job illustrating ,so I gives it 4 paws up!

Yoo can gets it frum Cheshire Kitten on Twitter oar read more bai Cheshire at the Cheshire Loves Karma Blog . They sells them on Etsy foar yoo.