Saturday, August 15, 2009

100 Fans Lucky Maneki Neko Giveaway!

On Facebook Pages (not profiles), you need 100 fans before you can get a username. Thanks to the nice people on Etsy, I did it!

About the Lucky Maneki Neko

In celebration, I’m giving away a custom Maneki Neko. There are many stories about the origin of the Lucky Maneki Neko figurine, but here is my favorite:

A wealthy feudal lord was taking shelter under a tree near Gotoku-ji temple during a thunderstorm. The lord saw the temple priest’s cat beckoning to him and followed; a moment later the tree was struck by lightning. The wealthy man became friends with the poor priest and the temple became prosperous. When the cat died, supposedly the first Maneki Neko was made in his honor.

The Maneki Neko comes in a wide variety of traditional colors and styles, each representing a different lucky subject. Calicos are for general luck, Red and Pink for love and romance, Black for protection from evil, Gold for prosperity and White for a positive future.

The Beckoning Cat, also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, Money cat or Fortune Cat, is most often depicted as a Japanese Bobtail cat, a cat with a tail somewhat like a rabbit’s. They also come with long tails, right or left paws raised, both paws raised, and with the paw facing backwards for Western audiences.

The prize for this contest is a custom Animini necklace posed like a lucky Maneki Neko, but you aren’t limited to traditional colors or cats. You can choose your dog, a panda, a hamster, a guinea pig, or whatever other animal represents love and luck for you. (Obviously if you pick a shark, or something, I can redesign the pose to something more naturalistic.)

The pendant will be about the size of a quarter, hand-painted to match your request, with a collar in your favorite color. I triple-glaze so they have the feel of a china animal, but they are made of durable polymer clay. Will be shipped free anywhere in the world in a velour gift bag, and arrives on an 18-inch black PVC cord with sterling clasp, a 24-inch “dog tag” ball chain, or an ID lanyard (your choice).

How to Enter

This post is going up in four places. You can enter at all four and quadruple your chances of winning.

On Facebook: Post a link to a picture of your favorite animal as a comment on this note and explain your choice.

On the Animini City Blog: or on Loki’s Blog, Log in to the comments with your facebook, twitter, google or open ID account and post a picture of your favorite animal directly in the blog comments and explain your choice. Be sure to tell me who you are on Facebook if you don’t use your facebook account.

On 43 Things: Comment on this entry, explain your choice, and upload a picture. Be sure to tell me who you are on Facebook if you don’t use your facebook account.


  1. You must be a fan of Orange Cat Blues’ Animini City on Facebook.
  2. We can’t be related.

How the Winner will be Chosen

Of course, I finally hit 100 fans just before I visit my parents for over a week, and I won’t have any clay with me because I can’t bring it on the plane!

So, on the Saturday after next, I will hold a random drawing from all qualified entrants at Facebook, Animini City and 43 Things, and announce the winner Sunday.

♥ Pet