Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog sightingz!

Uzed to be Toozday wus our Procrastinashun day, but we changed it to Momday cuz Toozday is Dadprimate's day off and sumtimes they goes on dates. Dere two things we been meaning to do: gets a noo video card and writes a blog about othur blogs.


Although we gets sum monies frum Etsy, we still not getting noo video card. Primate iz on Funemployment, az yoo prolly know, but she not getting unemployment monies cuz she supposed to get a severance package at the beginning uv last month, but the purrson on the envelope hur severance paperwurk was addressed to got lade off so the company lost it and she had to send it again. So we had to uze the Etsy monies foar kibbles and moar supplies inna meantime. Iz OK, though! Primates has the garden and I has kibbles, so all iz well! Dere is people and aminalz MUCH moar worse off than me. Iz wai I still giving $5 away foar efurrything in the charity sekshun.

Long storee short, I still not making noo videos until severance package comes. I getting antsy, too, cuz wen I makes videos I get to play wif the peacock feathur and eet Fancy Feast off a giant spoon and tell jokes.

But if yoo wants old videos, they free heer, except foar mai Super Bowl Video cuz CBS ownz it.


Inna meantime, Daisy the Curly Cat iz trying out Crazy Talk on hur blog! She haz a video riddle up there today. Yoo shud go tell hur eithur on hur blog oar on Facebook to get the full version cuz since Laz broke mai good video card fan wif hur furs, hoomanz starting to think we aminalz onlee talk in LOLcat capshuns!

I has sum blog mentions! Mai frend Lian Xin, the Painting Chihuahua did a blog post a long time ago wen I sends hur a painting Chihuahua Animini. She even waring it and calling it a Mini Me! :D Yoo can sees the pikture on hur blog.

Todd the Office Cat not onlee mentioned his Animini-Me in his blog, he puts it in da noozpaper ware he writes articles efurry Thursday! WOW! Yoo can fans hiz noospaper on Facebook, too.

Dere, I done procrastinating foar dis week! :D