Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Got in my first Etsy Treasury today!

Treasuries are collections of twelve items chosen by Etsy members. I guess the items on the main page are chosen from the treasury items, but I’m not sure. Google says most of my hits come from Twitter, so I’ve been ignoring the onsite Etsy options. I’m comfortable on Twitter. I like talking to people.

I also haven’t really paid much attention to it because since what I sell is, in my opinion, ice cream, and the items on the main page are usually chocolate souffles. I looked into the treasury system once and backed out. The number of treasuries are limited and there’s some kind of mad land rush I’m not comfortable with, being a newbie.

I got a note today from MasqueFaire , who has a marvelous Tiger Mask here , telling me she put me in this cute Bizarre Bazaar about cats . So my Deluxe Hairy Potter is in with an awesome two-headed kitten and a hilarious Zombie Kitteh plate , among other things. I’m quite pleased to wake up to this, because yesterday was a No Good, Very Bad Day.

♥ Pet