Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Modeling: Animini Me Collar (bai Loki)

Dis wuz mai modeling seshun last weekend. I shows yoo hao we choozes the pikture foar the Animini Me Cat Collar.

Furst, yoo need to know I gets paid in Fancy Feast inna can, the kind wif the gravy. I takes 10% up front. That wai in pikture 1 I yoo sees me negotiating wif the photografer.

It takes sum time to sets up the shoot, and sumtimes photografer takes stoopid shots like 2.

I stretching in 3 and 4. Wen I want sumthing, I stands up like a hooman. Here I wants the rest uv the Fancy Feast, but in order to gets it, I need to be moar serious.

In pikture 5, photografer going foar the cute looking up look, but can’t sees the collar innit, and foar sum rezon they trying to show peoples the collar and not me.

Picture 6 I giving mai “bored model look”. Unfortunately, photographer tells me they not trying to convey boredom. So I whips out mai most intense predatory stare. I calls it “Le tigre”. Photografer likes it az a picture and might turn it into a painting, but not to represent the collar. Also, they need space foar wurds and mai tail iz inna way.

She tells me to be “perky”. Rite aftur I rolls mai eyes, she took shot 8. As yoo can see, dis the one we uzing, and I gets to haz the whole can uv Fancy Feast. All iz well!

☺ Loki