Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monkeybone vs. Mouse Hunt vs. Mr. Rice's Secret (bai Loki)

I watched alla dese moovies in the last few dayz.

I watched Mouse Hunt cuz it haz Walken innit. Also it haz mouses!

I unnerstand that it wuz really a live-action cartoon and yoo can see which bits iz taken rite outta Tom and Jerry and stuffs, but aftur awile I gots bored wen Walken wasn’t onna screen. And wat with dat Catzilla in dat horrible sheltur? I’d be like Catzilla, too, if I came frum a sheltur like dat!

And efurry time I left to gets a snack I cuda sworn I hears a meerkat talking.

Anyhao, I didn’t like it enuff to recommend it unless yoo is trying to see alla Walken’s movies, but it nowhere near az annoying az Pennies from Heaven.

I also watched Monkeybone to learn about hooman nightmares and because it haz Death az a character. Iz also the reezon I watched Mr. Rice’s Secret.

Monkeybone wuz OK. The place ware alla the coma people go was definnatly wurth watching even if the storee duzn’t suit yoo just foar the artwork and character designs. There were sum really highbrow gags that came outta nowhere that made me wunder if it written bai moar than one purrson oar bai one purrson’s right and left hands. Story pretty predictable but the art directshun wuzn’t. The Kitty lady wearing alla the Egyptian designs wuz a good touch, and Whoopi Goldberg as Death wuz a genius casting job!

BTW, even tho it has a cartoon monkey, iz not fur kids. There a doggy innit hoo playz a crucial role in comfirming the hooman’z identitee.

I saw sum bad ratings foar Mr. Rice’s Secret, but it seemed like most the gripes were that there wasn’t enuff David Bowie innit and the mysterious treasure map didn’t take the kid to Narnia and the kids behaved like kids insted uv the way parents want kids to behave, so I watched it, and I liked it.

Yeah, it haz sum of the feel uv an after-school special cuz there’s a rivalry between kids with cancer and there’s a wise older Obi Wan type uv neighbor, etc. But the fantasy parts were subtle and the kids’ dialogue rang true. Sum parents might be offended bai some language because they iz expecting moar of an aftur-school special, but kids are gonna hear far wurse frum their friends.

Death appears az the local undertaker. He not a bad guy, really. Storee haz a good lesson, but I don’t remembur if dere’s anee aminalz innit besides inna birdhouse.

Anyhao, I think Mr. Rice’s Secret wuz the best uv those three.

☺ Loki