Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lava and Limp

Donated $10 to Lava and Limp, two kittens on death row.

Yes, I know thousands of animals are on death row and I can’t possibly save them all, but I may have made a difference to these two.

♥ Pet

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yoo Can Haz Retro Toons! (bai Loki)

Sunday, September 20th, the primate (Pet) will be spending all day designing retro-style animal caricaturez. If yoo wants your pet, oar if yoo wants yourself if yoo iz an animal, made into a retro cartoon, comment with a link to a picture and your fafurrite colorz.

If yoo is on Twitter, sends me a twitpic with the hashtag #retrotoon and yoo fafurrite colors foar backgrounds.

Yoo can sends it any time in the next 7 days! In return, the hooman gets to use your pets az inspirashun foar art and yoo gets a 1000×1000 pixel retro cartoon to makes into avatars.

♥ Loki

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bibliobrat's Banned Book Challenge (bai Loki)

My primate iz taking part in a Banned Book Challenge sponsored by Bibliobrat during the month uv September, leading up to the ALA’s official Banned Book Week. Also, she just joined Swaptree and has started trading books there, so wat she ends up reading depends on a somewhat random trading system. Shud be interesting.

Iz hard for hur to find challenged books to read on the frequently challenged lists cuz she reads so many uv them befoar, so she trading foar some classics she missed and sum noo ones that may only have been challenged in small areas. A challenged book is one that someone has tried to have removed frum a school, classroom, oar library, mostly. There iz many reasons people want them removed that uzually reflekt the opinions uv a small group uv people in a certain time period. For instance, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn iz uzually challenged these days for ironic use of the “N” word (sometimes the sarcasm iz lost on people….), but when it furst got into schoolz it was challenged foar portraying an inappropriate friendship between a white child and a runaway slave.

All challenging books seems to do iz make them moar popular. There iz a LOT uv books mai primate wouldn’t have read if she didn’t need to find out wai she wasn’t supposed to read them!

Prolly sum uv hur reviews won’t be suitable foar kids, so she’s keeping them at 43 Things. If yoo interested in reading them, yoo can goes there.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Maple Cranberry Salmon Mermaid Burgers (bai Loki the Cat)

1 box Stove Top Stuffing Mix: Cranberry
1 egg
1/2 cup water
2 6 oz packages Wild Caught Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon
Hamburger buns
Maple syrup

Make sure yoo iz using wild Chicken uv the Sea Pink Salmonz, cuz iz certified sustainable bai Marine Stewardship Council and also, hao often yoo gets chickawn and fishies and mermaids at the same time otherwise?

1. Mix together first 4 ingredients. Doos it until the bread thingies start to gets mushy, then let it sit there foar awile.

2. Lick out salmon package. Iz very important yoo not skip this step!

3. Hiss at yoor sistur wen she tries to steal yoor salmon package cuz she haz hur own salmon package!

4. Put maple syrups onto the buns and spred around. Iz ok if it sinks in, iz supposed to doos that!

5. Cleen yoo paws.

6. Make 8 patties, cuz thats hao manee buns yoo haz. Lick yoor paws between making patties if no hoomanz iz watching. Cook dem in nonstick spray on both sides.

7. Hoomanz has to eet green stuffs. Put on a bun wif lettuce and send yoor hoomanz outside to eet dem.

8. Lick out the bowl wile they gone to cleens it.

9. Drag yoor salmon package under the couch foar latur, oar bettur, undur the bed to makey noises wen hoomanz iz sleeping! :D

Primate sez yoo can replace the maple syrup wif honey butter oar blue cheese dressing or Thousand Island dressing oar Ranch dressing.